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Diving near Lisbon

Diving is such a unique experience. Whether you want to initiate diving, explore a new area while diving, or upgrade your PADI certification, you´ve come to the right place.

We´ve got a full range of possibilities, from your first diving baptism in a oceanic pool, to scuba diving or PADI bubblemaker for the smallest, from 8 years old. We also offer PADI courses, especially PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Advanced Open Diver, as well as a lot more:

Price table

Course/Experience Price Remarks
Baptism €40
Bubblemaker €30 From 8 years old
Open Water Diver €395 per pax 5 theory + 5 practices
Advanced Open Diver €300 per pax
Local diving €40 per diving Min 2 pax, need PADI Open Water


What gear will I need?

We supply all gear. Of course if you plan to dive regularly, you might want to buy your own equipment, fitted to your needs.
To do scuba dive for instance, you will supply mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy control device, weight system, scuba tank, regulator, SPG and wetsuit of course.

I have never dived before.

Welcome to our diving centre and don´t worry, our instructors will go very smoothly, you will get to know the gear first and once you get comfortable with it, they will teach you everything you need to dive safely while enjoying this unique experience.

My ears hurt when I go to the bottom of a swimming pool. Will that be a problem?

No, assuming you have no irregularities in your ears and sinuses. The discomfort is the normal effect of water pressure pressing in on your ear drums. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to adjust for pressure changes in our ears – we will teach you how. If you have no difficulties adjusting to air pressure during flying, you’ll probably experience no problem learning to adjust to water pressure while diving.

Who are the diving instructors?

Our instructors are experienced divers certified by PADI. Most of them have been diving for more than 30 years and are addicted to diving. For sure they will share their passion with you.

What kind of people do diving activities with you?

People a lot like you! Although there is a great variety of people who dive, one common thing everyone shares is a love of the outdoors and marine life. We prefer to work with small groups, up to 8 persons.

Are there age limits for the diving activities?

The ages of most guests range from the early teens through mid-60’s. Bubblemakers programs start from 8 years old. There are other programs appropriate for teens. For sure we will feel perfectly integrated.

Do I need to get in shape for the activity?

No, just relax and start enjoying.

How long do most activities take?

In average, we spend around 3 hours for regular activity.

When is the best time of year to go diving?

Anytime of the year is good as we adapt the equipment and location for the circumstances.

Are there showers and restrooms available?

Oeiras harbour provides restrooms and warm showers. You will also be able to store your belongings in a safe place before the trip.

What should I bring for the diving activity?

Bring sun protection for your face, swimming suit and a towel.

I already have experience. Will my skills improve?

Definitely. Our guides are very experienced diving instructors and can instruct you in many of the finer skills of diving. They love teaching, so just let them know what you would like to work on or tell them any topic you desire to know more about.

Can I get more information on your diving courses?

Certainly. Please call us at +351 910 145 145 or send us an email: