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Kayak Training Center

Welcome to paradise!

Portugal is one of the best countries in the world for flatwater kayaking.

We believe we are able to provide athletes the best training facilities according to their needs.

Join one of our main training centres in Alentejo, lakes of 40 km length that are best suited for flatwater training. We can also provide specific training locations and features depending on athletes needs.You may bring your own boats or you can use one of our fleet.We work with National teams, clubs and individuals any time of the year.Average temperatures go between 14ºC during winter and 30ºC during summer.

Price table

Type of accomodation Price/pax/day Remarks
Full board in a 5 stars hotel €65
Full board in a bungalow €40  4 to 7 persons
Full board in a guest house €45  4 to 6 persons


How big are the lakes?

Maranhão is 40km large, Montargil around 30km.

Will it be windy?

Wind is very rare as there is a kind of microclimate on both lakes which does not favour wind. To give you an example, both spots are very well known for air planning.

Do you provide kayaks?

Yes, we provide K1 and K2 from several brands, especially from NELO.

Would I be able to store the kayaks even if I don´t request yours?

Yes, your kayaks will be kept safely.

What kind of athletes do you work with?

People a lot like you! National teams, clubs, masters and anybody enjoying Canoe sprint and marathon.

Do you have a gym available?

Yes we do.

Will I be able to practice other exercise?

Gym, running tracks and mountain bikes are available, as well as GPS to help you get your way through the mountain bike trips. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are also available.

When is the best time of year to go?

Anytime of the year is good as Portugal has got a Mediterranean climate. Average air temperature are 17ºC from October to March, 22ºC from April to June and 26ºC from July to September.

Do you provide laundry facilities?


How far are the sports from the airport?

Montargil training center is 110km from Lisbon airport. Maranhão training centre is 150km from Lisbon airport.

Do you provide transport from the airport?

Yes, we can book a transportation from the airport.

I prefer to train away from other teams or in certain weather conditions, is that possible?

Definitely. We will tailor a training facility to your needs. There are other options besides our two training centres, just tell us what you are looking for.

Can I get more information on your training centres?

Certainly. Please call us at +351 919506136 or send us an email: