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The best way to learn surf is attending one of our surf lesson!

Enjoy surf!

Discover surfing, take a surf lesson! We will teach you the basics of surf: falling safely, paddling, take-off, duck dive and make sure that you have great a fun. We´ve got 2 surfing spots, in Carcavelos and Guincho. In case you want to take an intermediary course to improve your surfing skills, you´ve come to the right place too

All classes are instructed by a certified surfing teacher.

  • Spots: Carcavelos beach, Guincho beach.
  • Duration: 2h
  • Supplied: Board, wetsuit, leash

Price table

Type Price
Beginner lesson €30
Pack of 10 lessons €250
Board hire 2h €25
Board hire 1day €35
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need experience to join the surf lesson?

No experience is necessary! Beginners are welcome. Most of our guests have never surfed before. You do not need any particular swimming skills either, as long as you can swimm. The prerequisite is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure.

Is Surfing a safe activity?

Your safety is our number one concern. Our instructors are the best trained professionals. They will be constantly watching out for your safety. In general, surfing is safer than most other outdoor pursuits!

How stable are the boards?

We have different types of boards adapted to each level and weight profile. For beginners, we mostly use soft boards.

Who are the teachers?

Our surf instructors are experienced surfers and are just addicted to surf. For sure they will share their passion with you.

What kind of people go on our surf camp?

People a lot like you! One common thing everyone shares is a love of the outdoors and the sea. Our guests like to be active and involved.

Are there age limits for the experience?

Not at all! The ages of most guests range from 8 to 60 years old.

How much surfing will we do on the session?

It is up to you! Each session lasts for about 2 hours.

When is the best time of year to go?

Anytime of the year is good as Portugal has got a Mediterranean climate. Average air temperature are 17ºC from October to March, 22ºC from April to June and 26ºC from July to September.

Are there showers and restrooms available?

Yes, we provide showers and restrooms onsite. You will also be able to store your belongings in a safe place before the session.

What should I bring for the surf lesson?

Bring swimming pants or suit. Bring spare clothes to dress after the session. Don´t forget sun protector.

I already have experience. Will my skills improve?

Definitely. Our instructors are very experienced and can instruct you in many of the finer skills of surfing and they love teaching.

Can I get more information on your surfing activities?

Certainly. Please call us at +351 919506136 or send us an email: