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2h / Session, 5 Sessions
Oeiras Harbour

Learn the basics of coastal sea kayaking taking a certified course!

Learn coastal sea kayaking taking the Essentials of Kayak Touring course certified by the American Canoe Association. You will learn the basic paddling skills, strokes, manoeuvres and rescue technics.
The course is made of 5 modules, a theory session and a longer kayak trip.
Start to enjoy coastal kayaking while achieving worldwide recognised certification.
Our instructors are qualified by the ACA (American Canoe Association) and will teach you the Essentials of Kayak Touring.

In case you have some experience already, you can take a skill course to improve your skills in a specific area or take part of a sea kayak day tour or expedition.

You can use the calendar in your right to choose the date of your first class. For more info, get in contact.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive 10 minutes before session start.
RETURN TIME Approximately 2 hours/ session.
WEAR Bring a swimming suit, hat and sunscreen.


Essentials of kayak touring

The course is certified by the American Canoe Association and given by certified instructors who will teach you the basics of coastal kayaking so that you can go further.
We run complete workshops all year long as we have a mild climate.
You might also want to improve specific skills before you take the examination.
The main skills you will learn are the following:

  • Module 1 – Getting started
    Warm-up and stretching
    How to pick up and carry a kayak safely
    Car topping: loading and unloading, racks, straps
    Launching and landing
    Boarding, three points of contact, weight kept low, etc.
    Posture, safety, comfort, effectiveness, rocking, balance
    Spray skirts
    Water comfort and confidence: wet exits – capsize & effectively exit
    Wet exits in two ways: (1) utilizing the spray skirt grab loop and (2) releasing the skirt off the hip
    How to empty a kayak
    Basic terminology
    Types of strokes (covered in this course): power, turning
    Stroke components: catch, propulsion, recovery (CPR), control, correction
    Safe and effective body usage
  • Module 2 – Strokes
    Back (stopping)
    Sculling draw
    Sweep (including stern draw)
    Reverse sweep
    Stern rudder
    Low brace
    Low brace turn
  • Module 3 – Rescue
    Rescue sequence: reach, throw, row, go (RETHROG)
    Rescue priorities: people, boats, gear
    Demonstrate/participate: T-rescue
    Deep-water re-entries, assisted and solo, with sling, including scoop and paddle float rescues
    Boat assisted rescue, assisting a tired swimmer (pushing or pulling to shore)
    Towing or bulldozing a capsized boat
  • Module 4 – Manoeuvres
    Low Brace
  • Module 5 – theoretical session
    Paddling Environment
    Personal Preparation
    Safety and Rescue
    Trip preparation
  • Coastal kayaking trip
    10km paddling trip
Learn sea kayak, take a sea kayak course
Learn seakayak, take a sea kayak essentials course
Learn sea kayak, take a sea kayak course
Learn sea kayak, take a sea kayak course
Learn seakayak, take a sea kayak essentials course
Learn sea kayak, take a sea kayak course