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Oeiras by Kayak

Oeiras by Kayak

Desfruta a costa lisboeta da melhor forma: de kayak! É uma maneira única de apreciar a beleza da costa do sol, praticar um exercício saudável e sobretudo divertir-se com família e amigos.

Pagaiando para o Forte de São Julião

Pagaiando para o Forte de São Julião
  • Percurso: Porto de Recrieo de Oeiras – Forte de São Bruno
  • Miradouros: Praia de Santo Amaro, Forte de Catalazete, Forte de São João das Maias, barcos de pesca em Paço de Arcos, Forte de Giribita, Forte São Bruno.
  • Distância: 10km
  • Fornecido: Kayaks de Mar ou sit-on-tops, pagaia, colete, instrutor
  • Duração: 2 horas


Tipo Preço Notas
Individual €30
Família €80 2 adultos & 2 crianças dos 8 aos 14
Grupo >10pax €25 per pax
Pack 5 aulas €125
Pack 10 aulas €200
As crianças de 4 à 7 anos são aceites desde que acompanhadas de 2 adultos.


Preciso de experiência para participar?

Não precisa de qualquer experiência! Os principiantes são bem-vindos. A maior parte dos nossos canoistas nunca estiveram num kayak antes. Se consegue caminhar ou pedalar, também consegue pagaiar. Não é preciso saber nadar, o colete assegura toda a flutuação necessária. O único requisito é um espirito aventureiro e curioso.

Is sea kayaking a safe activity?

Your safety is our number one concern. Our guides are the best trained professionals and are certified by the Portuguese canoe federation. They will be constantly watching out for your safety. In our 30+ years of kayaking experience, no one has ever sustained a serious injury on any BORK kayak trip. In general, sea kayaking is safer than most other outdoor pursuits!

How stable are the kayaks?

The tandem kayaks we use comfortably hold two paddlers and are extremely stable, much more than solo kayaks. Its actually quite difficult to tip a tandem kayak over.

Who are the kayak guides?

Our guides are experienced kayakers certified by the Portuguese Canoe and Kayak Federation. Most of them have been paddling for more than 30 years and are kayak addicts. For sure they will share their passion with you.

What kind of people go on your sea kayaking trips?

People a lot like you! Although there is a great variety of people who participate in our kayaking trips, one common thing everyone shares is a love of the outdoors. Our guests like to be active and involved. Our average group is made up of an even number of singles and couples and friends. There is no need to worry about coming alone. Our group size gives everyone a great chance to get to know each other. Our maximum group size goes up to 30 persons. However, the average group size is about 8 persons per kayak tour.

Are there age limits for the kayak trips?

The ages of most guests range from the early teens through mid-60’s.

Do I need to get in shape for the trip?

If you enjoy hiking, bicycling, or swimming, then you are already in shape for sea kayaking. If you don’t exercise regularly, we recommend you do some activities that use your upper body, arms and shoulders for about two weeks before your trip.

How much paddling will we do on the kayak trip?

We usually paddle during one hour and a half to two hours, with some breaks in between.

When is the best time of year to go on a trip?

Anytime of the year is good as Portugal has got a Mediterranean climate. Average air temperature are 17ºC from October to March, 22ºC from April to June and 26ºC from July to September.

Are there showers and restrooms available?

Oeiras harbour provides restrooms and warm showers. You will also be able to store your belongings in a safe place before the trip.

What should I bring for the kayak trip?

Bring comfortable clothes and spare clothes to dress after the trip. Don´t forget sun protection and a hat as sun can be pretty strong.

Do you provide one- or two-person kayaks? Triple kayaks?

We provide one and two-persons kayaks, sit-on-top and surf-skis.  We also have triple kayaks for families with small children.

I already have experience. Will my skills improve?

Definitely. Our guides are very experienced kayakers and can instruct you in many of the finer skills of sea kayaking. They love teaching, so just let them know what you would like to work on during your kayak trip: paddling technique, navigation, route selection, reading tide and current tables, braces, or any topic you desire.

Can I get more information on your sea kayak adventures?

Certainly. Please call us at +351 919506136 or send us an email: