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Surf ski Lisbon

Enjoy the sensations of surfski paddling, learn surfski and take a certified course!

Let´s learn surfski and paddle in the swell!
Take a certified surfski course by the American Canoe Association
Learn surfski taking the Essentials of Surfski course certified by the American Canoe Association. Surfski is becoming very popular among paddle sports because it´s easy and a lot of fun to surf the ocean swell. You will learn the basics of surfski paddling and achieve a worldwide recognised certification.
Our instructors are qualified by the ACA (American Canoe Association) to teach you the Essentials of Surfski paddling.
In case you have some experience already, you can take a skill course to improve your skills in a specific area or just take part of one of our downwind session.

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Essentials of surfski course

The course is certified by the American Canoe Association and given by certified instructors who will teach you the basics of surfski so that you can go further.
We run complete workshops all year long as we have a mild climate.
You might also want to improve specific skills before you take the examination.

You want to take part of the Essentials of surfski course, improve your skills level or just enjoy a downwind session, please tell us what you are looking for!

The main skills we will learn are the following:

  • Paddling environment and equipment
    Personal and other equipment
  • Getting started
    Warm-up and stretching
    Pick up and carry a surfski
    Car topping
    Launching and landing
    Posture, safety, comfort, effectiveness, rocking, balance
    Falling off
    Water comfort and confidence
    Self Rescue
    Righting a flipped surfski
    Basic Terminology
    Types of strokes and components
  • Safety and Rescue
    Exercising Judgment
    Cold Water Shock / Hypothermia
    Dehydration/ hyperthermia
    Do’s and don’ts of leashes
    Paddling as a group
    Interactions/ Sharing water with non powered and powered traffic
    Emergency procedures
    Rescue priorities
    Deep-water re-mounting, assisted and solo
    Boat assisted rescue, assisting a tired swimmer
    Rescuing a surfski
  • Maneuvers
    Paddling in a reasonably straight line
    Using the rudder effectively
    Edge control
  • Strokes
    Low Brace