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2h / Session, 5 Sessions
Oeiras Harbour

Take a Sit On Top course level 3 from the ACA (American Canoe Association)

We are the only Portuguese organization to be certified by the American Canoe Association and here you can take the Sit On Top course level 3.

The Sit on Top Coastal Kayaking course is designed as a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition covering basic coastal kayaking skills and safety.

Our instructors are certified by the ACA to teach all the contents of the Sea Kayak Courses.

You can see the different course modules on the course link. If you want to be certified by the ACA, you need to take a practical exam where you must complete the minimum requirements to pass and obtain certification (“Assessment”).

This is the beginning of many adventures that await you. You’ll surely be ready to join various activities inside and outside Portugal.


SKILLS* 300€

*You can take the course with just the skills, but if you want certification afterwards it´s better to choose the skills+assessment option.


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive 10 minutes before the session start.
RETURN TIME Approximately 3 hours/ session.
WEAR Bring a swimming suit, hat and sunscreen.


Sit On Top Level 3

The course is designed to introduce basic coastal kayaking skills and safety to beginners.

Participants will be introduced to:

  • Proper fit and adjustment of their kayak for effective control and comfort;
  • Safely mounting and dismounting a kayak, including a controlled dismount in deep water;
  • Effective use and control of the paddle;
  • Performing basic strokes efficiently;
  • Performing self-rescue and assisted rescue and use of an assisting device, i.e., paddle float, stirrup, counter;
    balance, etc;
  • The importance and influence of weather and tides on the coastal kayaker;
  • Dealing with marine hazards and other safety issues;
  • Understanding personal limitations and skill level.