Offer the best outdoor experiences! Surprise yours with a Kayaking experience, stand up paddle, scuba diving or more!

With BORK GIFT Bronze he/she will be able to choose any of these activities:

The most popular kayak tour around Lisbon. Starting from Oeiras Marina, the last harbour between the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, she/he will paddle along the coast of Lisbon, see beautiful sea fortresses, stop at one of the beaches for some good dives and of course enjoy paddling! 

We start from the Oeiras Harbour on flatwater which is perfect for beginners and continue on the sea. Stand Up Paddling is easy and a lot of fun! He/She will love to discover Lisbon coast and its sea fortresses and take some break diving into the sea.

The best option to get to know the Scuba Dive world! Try a pool dive in Oeiras. It gathers the best conditions for a first pool dive experience. After an introduction to diving and equipment, our instructor will lead you to the pool where you will experience your first time dive or refresh in case you are already a diver and don’t pratice at some time. You will be amazed and maybe then want to try the Open Water Dive Experience!

He/She will not want to miss this adventure on Lisbon coast by sunset, come on board to get to see from close Bugio and Lisbon coast by sunset. This beautiful lighthouse right between the division where Tagus River ends and Atlantic Ocean starts…

Is always a good choice to offer unforgettable moments!

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