BORK Oeiras Kayaking Club

Come and learn how to paddle in BORK Oeiras Club! Surfski at Oeiras marina and flat water kayaking at Jamor. For all ages!

Here you can practice kayaking on a regular basis, with a fixed weekly schedule or free transit. From flat water to surfski and touring kayak. Whether you’re competing or practicing for leisure.

Welcome to the club!


From 8 to 18 years old


Bring your children to learn a new sport. Kayaking is a great outdoor activity for exercising the body, building coordination, stability and strength. Developing sporting habits as a child is vital to maintaining an active and healthy life in the future.

They will quickly feel part of a fun, united team that will welcome them with open arms. They will be guided by specialized kayaking instructors, certified by the FPC – Portuguese Canoeing Federation and ACA – American Canoe Association, who will give them the best tips for a fast, healthy and fun progression.

Weekly classes

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 6pm

Price 30€/month

After an initial learning phase on the Jamor, they will be guided towards pre-competition and then competition. Progressively and occasionally, they can do extra training on Saturdays and other days of the week in Seixal Bay and Oeiras marina.

If this is their goal, they will go to regional and national competitions with the team and score points for the partner club CCA – Clube de Canoagem da Amora. The aim is to encourage a healthy competitive environment that will push them to work hard in training and improve their results.


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Pista de Canoagem do Jamor

From 16 anos

Oeiras marina

All ages are welcome to start. From the age of 16 and without any age limit, you can join our surfski training sessions, starting at the Oeiras Marina.

Initially, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend a kayak or surfski experience to start. If you want to continue and need to take previous lessons, the coach will recommend a pack of 5 or 10 lessons before you join the club. After some practice, you’ll soon be autonomous and able to join as a club member! You will be able to train whenever you want with other members of the group with no fixed timetable. Whether it’s sea kayaking, surfski or stand up paddle. We have kayakers training regularly at different times of the day. You can follow the weekly training led by FPC and ACA certified coaches or just practice for leisure at a time that suits you.

A unique sport that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, exercise and socialize.


Required: Previous experience or pack of lessons


210€ / Semester (6 months)


BORK Kayak & Outdoor Centre

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