BORK Element Dive


BORK Element Dive


With BORK DIVE ELEMENTS you can enjoy diving near Lisbon with lower cost and flexibility, as well as increase your dive buddy network, among other advantages. Come join us!


Are you a diver for some time, but you don’t dive as frequently as you wish? We can help you to include diving on your priority list.

After getting the diving certification many divers reduced their diving frequency. The main reasons for this reduction are:

  1. High costs
  2. Lack of time
  3. Lack of dive buddies

Thus, by creating the BORK DIVE ELEMENTS, we aim to create an accessible, environmentally-minded, and fun shelter for our former students and for any forsaken diver.


Bork dive elements is a team of divers that want to increase their diving activity and keep updated regarding the diving conditions and good diving practices in the Lisbon area.

With headquarters in Oeiras, our dives may occur in different areas of the Portuguese coast, including protected areas such as Avencas Marine Protected Areas (AMPA) in Cascais. Thus, we prime for the ethical dive, aligned with the good dive practices and a collective vision of achieving the balance between human activity and the environment.

Which are the requirements?

  1. Be a certified diver
  2. Be committed to diving frequently
  3. Follow our environmentally friendly diving rules

What can I get?

  1. Ten dives for the best price ever;
  2. 50% discount on the dive gear;
  3. Flexibility to use the 10 dives during a period of one year;
  4. Membership in a committed dive group and a broad option of dive buddies;
  5. Lots of practical experience and fun!

How much cost?

  1. Annual fee for the dives only: 330€*
  2. Annual fee for the dives and the dive gear: 450€*

* Membership subscription until May 2023.

How can I subscribe?

Just select the product on this website or fill out the form below.

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