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7 nights, 8 days
Arrabida Natural Park

A unique experience amongst Mother Nature!

Discover the coast south of Lisbon starting in Belém the most western district of Lisbon, crossing the protected landscape fossil scarps of Costa de Caparica towards Arrábida Natural Park. The deep blue of the sea contrasts with the white tones of the chalk cliffs and the green vegetation making the sight a wonder.

We will hike through a variety of landscapes and be delighted with their natural beauty

We will visit Belém, the most western district of Lisbon and a place full of history as it used to be the departure point of the Great Portuguese Navigators during the XVIth century. We will cross the Tagus River by boat and head towards the scarps of Costa da Caparica. The landscape changes slowly as we get closer to Arrabida Nature Park. We will discover dinosaurs footprints at Pedra da Mua and Lagosteiros reaching the Cape Espichel, where we will learn about its legends. We will hike along the coast on top of the cliffs towards the fishing town of Sesimbra. Our hike will also take us deep into Arrabida Nature Park through the Serra do Risco and Serra da Arrabida. We will end the trip tasting wine in one of the most famous Portuguese vineyard where art, nature and wine found a perfect match.

INCLUDED Hiking guide

Transfers from and to Porto city centre or airport.

7 nights in 3 stars accommodation or above

All transports onsite

All meals from lunch of first day to breakfast of day 8

5 different lodgings during the stay

Great accommodation and the best of Portuguese gastronomy

NOT INCLUDED Personal equipment (dry bags for your own clothes, camera, clothing)

Extra drinks



In the footsteps of Portuguese Great Navigators

Belém, Hiking and visits

We will head towards Belém in the footsteps of the Portuguese Great Navigators. We will admire the key figures of the XVIth century that are represented on the Monument for the discoveries and take a deep look into the world map of the discoveries adventures. We will visit Belém Tower, Unesco World Heritage Site, Portuguese late gothic manueline style and so full of history. We will head towards the monastery of the Jeronimos that took the whole XVIth century to build. After a great dinner, we will sleep in Belém tonight.


Hike on the scarps of Costa da Caparica

Belém – Fonte da Telha, 15 Km

We will cross the Tagus River by ferry boat and hike the scarps of Costa da Caparica before we hike on the sandy beach until we reach the fishing village of Fonte da Telha also well know spot of kitesurfers.


Hike in the pine forest towards Meco

Fonte da Telha, Meco 15 Km

We will start hiking on the beach until we reach the Lake of Albufeira where we will have lunch in the ”Lagoeiro”, a restaurant with just an amazing view. We will hike the sandy trails of the pine forest and soon reach the coastal trails on top of the cliffs until we reach the beach of Meco, famous naturist spot.


Discover Arrabida Nature Park

Meco – Espichel Cape, 15 Km

We will discover Arrabida Natural Park where we will hike for the rest of the week. We will walk on the west coast today along the coast with cliffs of clay soils that turn into red coloured. We will literally walk aside dinosaurs footprints on Pedra da Mua, site from the Late Jurassic era and soon admire the Jazidas de Lagosteiros track from the cretaceous period. These intriguing sets of tracks are separated by 500 meters and 50 million years! We will finally reach Espichel Cape, most south western point of Arrabida Nature Park and tell you about its history and tales.


Discover the south coast of Arrabida

Espichel Cape – Sesimbra, 20 Km

We will hike on the South coast of Arrabida and appreciate the change of vegetation and soil from the west coast. We will discover old fortresses and hidden beaches. One of them is considered the most beautiful beach in Portugal, as you will testify. We will soon reach the fishing town of Sesimbra, great resort right on the beach.


Hike the Serra do Risco

Sesimbra – Portinho da Arrábida, 20 Km

We will hike up from Sesimbra towards Portinho da Arrábida, with wonderful views on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and hike through diverse landscapes before we reach another very pretty beach, Portinho da Arrábida. We will rest on the beach tonight.


Deep into Serra da Arrabida

Portinho da Arrábida – Azeitão, 12 KmOur ascent will take us to the top of Arrabida Nature Park, with amazing views on the coastline and atlantic ocean. We will stop for a visit to the convent of Arrabida, a former franciscan convent. In Azeitão, we will end by a wonderful wine tasting at the Quinta da Bacalhôa before we head back to Lisbon.
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park
Coastal hiking on the South Coast of Lisbon in Arrabida Nature Park