Dive with us, you can take a PADI diving course from begginer to advanced. Learn while exploring the best of portuguese waters!

Dive on the Costa del Sol between Oeiras and Cascais, Sesimbra or Berlengas Island. Whether you’re starting a training session or want to complete your PADI training, you’re in the right place!
We operate in partnership with Haliotis, the largest diving center in Portugal with centers in Peniche, Berlenga, Sesimbra, Porto, Faial … And more recently Oeiras.

From baptisms in the Oceanic pool of the Oeiras Marina and Bubblemaker to the younger, sea diving, snorkeling to all the more advanced levels of PADI training. No chart next to the foreground was started before the most advanced.

We advise our students to start by diving with a baptism in the pool and proceed with an Open Water Diver course.

If you are a diver and want to join us for a dive trip, you can choose to start in Oeiras Marina to dive in Costa del Sol, near Lisbon and Cascais, Sesimbra or Berlengas Island, depending on the sea conditions.

Prices of exits from Oeiras Marina

Simple Diving 30€ – 35€

Night Dive 40€

Technical Dive Outlet Simple 50 €

Snorkeling 55 €

Double Technical Diving 100 €

Nitrox from + € 4 / Day

In case you have your own bottle you can fill it for free. The remaining equipment exceeds 5 € per piece up to a maximum of € 20 all equipment renting (wetsuit, hood, boots, fins, mask, bottle and regulator).


Emergency First Response

Primary and Secondary care. Diver or not, you will learn important basic life support to respond when faced with a medical emergency.
all year
minimum 1 day

PADI Rescue Diver

Complete your PADI Rescue Diver Course and ERF Certification and improve your diving skills with emergency technics and problem solving.
all year
Minimum 3 days

Advanced Open Water Diver

Take the PADI Advanced Open Water certification with Haliotis Oeiras by BORK and develop your diving knowledge and skills.
all year
Minimum 2 days

Open Water Diver JUNIOR

Open Water Diver Junior, your child will spend a week learning how to dive in our centre. If he is a water lover he will certainly be amazed.
all year, Summer Vacations

PADI Open Water Diver

Discover the subaquatic world with the first and most recognized diving Education course certified by PADI, with Haliotis Oeiras by BORK.
all year
Minimum 3 days